National Waters Need More Protection

Overfishing, global warming and the lack of appropriate laws to protect marine resources all contribute to the problems Costa Rica faces protecting it’s national sea waters.

The aim is that this situation can be dealt with in a better way.

The Costa Rican Fisheries Federation attempts to bring change in the presentation of a bill providing for the protection of the marine fauna of our country.

The project has a number of pending legislations to sanction a more drastic punishment to those exercising illegal fishing.

The communications director of the Costa Rican Federation of Fishing, Sandra Ramirez, explained that, with the presentation of this legislation they will push for change with the backing of 25 000 Costa Ricans who affixed their signatures on an initiative to support it.

The diminishing of species and the continued problems faced by fishermen in the national coasts has forced many in recent years to consider other work such as in taxis or in agricultural work.

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