Municipalities and Communities Work Towards Recycling Waste

Remove the cans and bottles of traditional garbage, and prevent newspapers accumulation in the cabinet room. Recycle these and other solid waste that will help create jobs, create new businesses and clearing landfills.

According to a survey conducted by Unimer, 55% of Costa Ricans separates newspapers from garbage, plastics by 56% and 53% reused plastic packaging business.

The consultation was held from 9 to April 17 across the country. 1,200 people participated and the reliability level of the survey is 95%.

In the country there are hundreds of collection centers, some private and some public, which are able to collect this waste and generate extra income.

For example, the company FEMSA, which has 346 collection centers mainly managed by small and medium businesses, which, thanks to this work, creates jobs to help support families of these areas.

Meanwhile, Ana Laura Vasquez, director of recycling for Dos Pinos, confirmed that they have 259 collection centers, among which schools, municipalities, private collection centers and communities are included.

Several municipalities are also conducting programs for the environment and the mayors agree that both, companies and municipalities and the same families should be aware of their responsibility to reduce environmental impact. Some have special collection trucks.

Manfred Kopper, executive management of the Business Association for Development (AED), confirmed that they have a pilot program called Sustainable Home that invites business associates to join environmental initiatives. The initiative is part of the Business Efficiency Eco Blue Flag.

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