More Traffic Fines Found Unconstitutional

traffic fines

Drivers who invade the exclusive lane for buses and not pay a fine of ¢308,000, will pay only ¢ 5,000.

In addition, drivers who impede the free movement or obscuring the park on sidewalks or driveways will also receive an minor fine of ¢5,000 instead of the current ¢144.000.

The Constitutional Court declared the fines unconstitutional under Article 131 subsection b) and 133 paragraph h), considering that the established fines were excessive and unreasonable.

These items are now part of the long list of violation fines canceled by the Constitutional Court.

However, during the same vote the magistrates rejected 15 other actions filed against the traffic law.

But, it will keep economic punishment for not wearing a helmet, driving while talking on cell phones without hands free, advance the left lane on a road marked with continuous line, various signals disrespect not obey the red traffic light or parked on yellow band, among others.

The judges also agreed not to eliminate the reduction of points on the license the driver is caught without a seatbelt.

Although the judges reducieron few fines, drivers can not rely upon this situation, because the issue is still valid points, “said Diego Herrera, director of the Traffic Police.

The legislation directs remove 10 points of the license who invade Routes used for buses or who park on a sidewalk. If the driver will debase 50, you can not drive for two years.

Position. Meanwhile, Silvia Bolaños, director of the Road Safety Council (COSEVI), expressed his satisfaction that the Board did not remove the items that penalize conduct that may cause death.

The official refers to the use of seat belts, helmet and ban cell phone use while driving.

On the two statements declared unconstitutional by the judges, Bolanos said that correspond to offenses that do not threaten life.

“We were aware that there are high penalties for behaviors that do not represent great risk to the safety and life. for this rason, we will respect the discretion of the Chamber. “

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