More Than 1900 Cases of Dengue in Costa Rica


Health authorities in Costa Rica had an average of more than 1900 cases of dengue, 40% more than last year in the same period.

Vectors coordinator of the Ministry of Health, Rodrigo Marín said that Limón represents 60% of reported cases this year.
For this situation the health minister, Daisy Corrales, began a campaign to collect tires in the province of the Caribbean. Today we collected 248 tires which were sent in a company truck “Fundellantas”. The total number of tires collected since the campaign began is 3000 thousand.

Due to the high number of people sickened by dengue fever, the health ministry fumigated 11 000 homes in that section of country. Rodrigo Marin argues that they are not going to stop in the fight against this mosquito and duplicate efforts for the rainy season that starts this week.

In the area found that the most common breeding grounds for the dengue are on the tires,dirty jars, polluted water tanks and troughs for animals. The objective of this campaign, according to authorities is to eliminate most of these breeders the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

At the moment, there are no deaths from this disease, only two serious cases which are being evaluated by specialized medical centers.

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