More Facebook For Prisoners Of Costa Rica

The justice ministry found this Friday, another prisoner who published photos on Facebook from his cell.

The social network profile corresponds to a prisoner who faces a penalty of 27 years in prison for the crime of murder, in the prison La Reforma.

The victim was identified as Dunnia Leon Calderon, who was witness to a triple homicide in Alajuelita.

A brother of this person, also held recently, had a profile and published photos of daily life in prison and most of his contacts were only women – 54 in total.

Ferraro Fernando, Minister of Justice, said they know that these profiles will continue to appear because it relates to smart phones that are clandestinely in some areas of the prison.

According to Ferraro, they established a communication channel with Facebook who’s head office is in Palo Alto, California. Using this communication they were able to close the profiles of 18 prisoners.

“At a time when that ministry receives information about a profile, we asked Facebook in Palo Alto, California and they just proceeded to close the profile when they know that it in fact belongs to a prisoner.” Ferraro said.

But how prison inmates can open profiles and upload pictures in jail if there are no computers or internet?

According to Ferraro, in jail , prisoners manage to enter smartphone with internet access and publish information.

Moreover, these phones are rented from prison inmates to check email, visit social networks and why not to commit crimes.

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