MOPT minister can’t say how long to replace Bailey bridge in General Cañas highway

After the collapse of one of the bailey bridges that served as an interim step on the sinking in the General Cañas Highway, the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Pedro Castro, said they will use the two bridges modular options that are deprecated and would be used to rehabilitate the step by.

Castro added that one of them is located in Limon and the other at an intersection in San Jose, the second arises first choice, because according to the minister would try to move it without disassembly to facilitate installation.

“It has been reported that the bridge supports a weight of over 40 tons, but we are to be determined whether the crane exceeded this capacity,” Castro said in relation to heavy vehicle that caused the collapse of the structure.

However, the driver of the crane that caused the crash, argued that there was no sign that warned of the maximum weight allowed to pass over the Bailey bridge.

Although the hierarch of MOPT, said; manage two options, says Castro should expect to coordinate with contractors to determine a solution.

Meanwhile, MOPT said, the step is not going to enable, drivers should use alternate routes, such as Route 27 and Barreal de Heredia.

For the moment it manages a large crane that allows removing the crane that provoked the fall of bridge, with the objective of not damage the generated arcs that were installed on site one week ago. The bridge was placed to fix the problem that caused the hole rains a few weeks ago on the road against the Residencial Los Arcos.

The authorities do not know the details that caused the collapse of the structure, but will have a preliminary assessment and will report, according to information provided by the Ministry of Public Works.

The CONAVI Director, Jose Luis Salas, said that drivers should be aware of how much weight should go through the Bailey bridges in the General Cañas highway.

According to the chief of this institution, the driver knew he could not move through this area.

“We have repeatedly reported that the bridge does not stand much weight. The driver said that he had gone through the bridge many times but can not prove it. ”

The Minister of Public Works, Pedro Castro, said that this portfolio has no responsibility for the incident that occurred on Tuesday.

“The signage was not, but the driver must have known he could not pass through here. He is obligated to know about the law.