MOPT Ignored Faults That Their Technicians Detected in Riteve


The COSEVI minimized a report of its own control area which indicated problems within their system and in turn breaches the contract with the State by Riteve SyC.

The director of the Road Safety Council (COSEVI), Silvia Bolaños, reduced to a couple of paragraphs a 10 page document is aimed at problems of access to information databases of Riteve.

According to an official supervisory body, last September 2 ,the lack of information raises a violation of the concession contract in force.

The information requested by Bolaños, to account to the Comptroller General’s Office, which requested reports on the implementation of the contract by the consortium in charge of the vehicle check in the last 10 years.

However, the report of the examination area with negative criteria seemed incomplete. For this reason it requested an extension of time to the Comptroller to add data and comply with the request.

Bolaños took the prolongation to ask Riteve such a way “urgent”, copies of the documents in theory, were already in the COSEVI, thus preparing the report waiting on the Comptroller, the State regulatory agency.

On September 12, Riteve manager, Fernando Mayorga Bolanos responded with their version of the performance of the contract.

He added that the National Standards Authority (Authority of Ireland) verifies its quality management system under ISO 9001:2008.

Mayorga said there were “communication problems” with the regulators of their work and reiterated that Riteve “does not need help.”

Bolaños used the document which provided Riteve to issue its report to the Comptroller, which emphasizes the performance of the contract. In this way the accusations of alleged misconduct went to second place.

On the contrary, Bolaños used “quality certification” that sent to Riteve, and copied and pasted some text in the compliance report that finally sent to the Comptroller on September 19 last.

The staff member took the control area data and summarized in two paragraphs that joined the report to the Comptroller on September 19.

In an interview, Bolaños claimed it was a “material mistake” copy and paste Riteve arguments, claiming that the just wanted to make a reference. He also said that Riteve is complying with the contract

On the contrary, defended Riteve management and clarified that there are communication problems between the firm and the control area.

Now, the management that gave Riteve audit reports, is under investigation by the Comptroller, after the deputy Jose Maria Villalta Broad Front denounced the situation.

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