Minor Vargas sentenced to 60 years in prison for fraud and money laundering in the United States


The Costa Rican businessman Minor Vargas was sentenced to 60 years in prison after being convicted for crimes of fraud and money laundering.

This was confirmed on Tuesday from the Court of Richmond in Virginia, USA. American Media confirmed this information.

Last 30 April, the businessman and former leader sports, was unanimously convicted by court jury, for defrauding people through the sale of life insurance bonds with Provident Capital Indemnity Company.

According to prosecutors, Vargas, and a partner with surname Castillo, would have defrauded in the amount of $ 670 million to clients seeking investment in the United States, Holland, Germany and Canada.

With the money of these people are presumed to have transferred about $ 50 million for investment in our country and others abroad.

In Costa Rica, Vargas was president and owner of Brujas Football Club, Club Deportivo Barrio Mexico and his company Icon Group, placed synthetic fields in Aserrí, Cuty Monge Stadium in Desamparados, and Colleya Guadalupe Fonseca.

The businessman was arrested in early 2011 while traveling in New York. At that moment Vasgas was responsible for the club Brujas and Barrio Mexico in our country.