Ministry of Health Investigates Management of Toxins in Heredia Hospital

The Ministry of Health investigates a complaint for presumed bad management and biopsies. In the complaint was done on July 9, develop symptoms of acute toxicity, which increased gradually, such as internal ulceration left nostril with redness, pain and itching “(itching). Ocular irritation with burning and itching, flushing, dry lips, severe headache, dyspnea, tachycardia, and chest feeling of oppression.”

Carolina Centeno said the other pathologist and a secretary also presented “acute manifestations of toxicity” and the other seven service members suffered mild symptoms and isolated.

Asked about it, Rye confirmed that serves a consecutive month of disability and wants to return to work, but a safe condition for her health.

In her complaint, the pathologist also referred to ventilation problems, accumulation of gallons of formaldehyde dirty “for months”, like xylene (derived from benzene), alcohol and other chemicals dirty.

Despite these demonstrations, I know Jo Manuel Mata, director of the hospital in Heredia, said he does not know the complaint. He said the Ministry of Health has not reported anything and is not aware of any inspection conducted by that entity.

he said that since July 14 chemicals were removed accumulated dirt.

Ileana Herrera, Director General of Health, explained that regional officials Heredia, inspected the Pathology Department on Tuesday.

However, that day the three officers responsible were out on disability, maternity and holidays.

Under these circumstances, another inspection was scheduled for next week, to verify or disprove allegations by the pathologist disabled.

For his part, Carlos Abarca, one of the lawyers of the National Medical Union, said that the union is advising those affected by these events.

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