MINAET Will Inspect Gas Stations Ahead Of Strike

Minaet sent inspectors to gas stations to avoid false shortages of fuel due to the strike by transporters.

Rene Castro, Minister of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (Minaet), said there is no reason for a shortage of fuel for the 400 stations that have sufficient reserves.

The same happens with hospitals and industries that supply their boilers with diesel or bunker.

In addition, the Minister Castro, said that, 139 trucks have permits to date and will be available for service.

“We will send inspectors Minaet to an important group of stations to ensure that shortages do not pretend or cause an unnecessary mess,” said the chief.

Apart from the 139 tanks that already have permits, another 30 began the process last Friday.

The rest 772 trucks have until July 31 to catch up, otherwise, they must exit the market.

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