Mexico Suffers For Avian Flu While Costa Rica Likely To Profit


The egg and poultry producers in Costa Rica have the opportunity to supply Mexico for the consumption of these foods.

A month ago, this country faces a lack of products from birds, for an outbreak of bird flu. Until the date they have sacrificed more than 2.5 million chickens.

According to William Cardoza, Executive Director of the House of Poultry there are many possibilities that the export of eggs to Mexico is conducted.

“This week will open the contest. Although all the countries of Central America have poultry production only Costa Rica and Nicaragua to participate, this for the health checks that exist in both areas. “He said Cardoza.

Since 15 years Costa Rica has been certified that guarantees that poultry are disease free. This has caused to be made of chicken meat exports to countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Colombia.

If open this gate exports to Mexico, would be the first that eggs for human consumption is exported to other countries.

According to the Chamber of Poultry, Costa Rica has the ability to supply the consumption in the affected areas of Mexico, which mainly focus on the state of Jalisco.

In this country a person consumes about 400 eggs a year, while in Costa Rica only 200.

“The egg-producing areas are working well in the subject plant. This is an effort by SENASA and the House of Poultry. Every time we are growing, “commented Cardoza.

PROCOMER data show that exports of chicken meat than $ 12 million per year. It is hoped that this opening up the figure considerably.

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