MEIC Investigates Pork Produces For Irregularities

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC) investigates any irregularities in the domestic market for pork which would have severe repercussions for producers.

The investigation began after a meeting between officials of MEIC and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) with the National Pork Producers.

At that meeting they agreed on a work agenda.

The actions seek to support the sector because according to data from the MAG in 1995 there were 12,000 ranchers for pork and now there are only about 6,000.

One of the areas where the situation is more complicated is Perez Zeledon, where producers were organized with the help of a cooperative to survive the crisis. Still they insist that the plan has not been successful.

Rene Alvarado, president of the Organization of Pork Ranchers, said the main problem is, the decline in producer prices at levels that do not even cover the cost of production.

Moreover, the decline in prices does not translate to the final consumer price, as reported by Mayi Antillon of the National Chamber in a presentation to the ministers of the MEIC, and Gloria Abraham of MAG.

According to the data, the plants are paying to producers ¢1,165 per kilo.

After the industrial process and the distribution chain they found that a kilo of pork was offered at ¢5,200 per kilo.

This is supported by some photos that were taken in a business at a supermarket chain, said Alvarado and the owners of MAG and MEIC.

The minister, Antillon explained, from these documents, the MEIC began the process of market research in the whole chain of pork.

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