Mayor Of Coronado Arrested For Embezzlement

After noon today, agents of the Judicial Investigation, together with the Deputy Attorney General of Transparency and Corruption, made ​​the arrest of the mayor of Coronado, Leonardo Sanchez Herrera.

He was outside the motel Cascade Blue in San Francisco two Rivers.

The arrest came at the right time when he was leaving the place in the company of a woman (not his wife). He is accused of committing the crime of embezzlement because he was at the motel during working hours and with a vehicle of the municipality.

Francisco Segura, assistant director of the OIJ, said they had him ​​under a surveillance that came with the arrest of the officer upon leaving the place.

OIJ agents, kept the man and woman under guard until they reached two traffic officers to perform a breath test, since according to unofficial sources, the conduct of the mayor and the smell of alcohol made ​​them think that he could be drunk.

The test resulted in 0.0 degrees of alcohol.

The mayor, who was elected in 2010 and is set to govern as such until 2016,under the new law, was brought to the Prosecutor where he will be investigated with the chance of precautionary measures.

As of press time he was still in OIJ cells.

In the Supreme Electoral Tribunal said that the mayor’s credentials remain in force until the start of an internal investigation about it, but research is needed along with a physical complaint against him within the institution.

For the time being, the post of mayor of Coronado is in the hands of one of his deputy mayors and elected.

The crime of embezzlement is punishable under Article 354 of the Penal Code that states that it can be punished with imprisonment from 3 to 12 years. This is a result of a public official who uses their own benefit property owned by the administration.

That is precisely the offense, as the man was with this vehicle which is owned by the municipality.

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