Massive Drug Cartel Disbanded by OIJ Raid

The OIJ managed the arrest of “Indian of Desamparados” a man accused of trafficking and selling of drugs, contract killing and money laundering charges.

These are just some of the crimes that now faced a man of surnamed the famous “Indian of Desamparados”, leader of one of the leading bands of drug sales in San Jose.

The man was captured by the Judicial Police this morning and the other 10 people who formed the organization that led the Indian gang.

After 21 raids in different parts of San Jose, it was possible to accomplish the dismantling of the band.

The Indian in a few months became the mastermind of a complex organization that had dominated the distribution of narcotics in the country.

Authorities said the man took advantage of gang problems in Pavas and Guadalupe to take over the distribution of drugs at different points in the Central Valley like Barrio Cuba, Cristo Rey, Los Guido, Two Fences and downtown San Jose.

The organization led by this individual had a complete structure very similar to Mexican cartels.

“He is violent, respected hierarchy, has a lot of internal cohesion, gathers firearms and has a group of assassins called The Dogs” explained Walter Espinoza, Deputy Prosecutor Against Organized Crime.

The right hand of “Indian” was his brother, known by the alias of “Honey”. A man named Mondragon who was called “The B” was the supplier of the organization and planned the killings. The daughter of Indian administered the organization collected money from the sale of the drug.

In addition there were at least five gunmen at their disposal, collectors who were responsible for completing those who did not pay the drug.

According to Jorge Rojas, director of the OIJ, these gunmen were led by a former police officers surnames, known as “El Niño” and a man named Morales Porras, who is called “Eyes” who collected the money derived from the drug and was involved in the killings.

Among the homicides under investigation, are the two Mexicans, who were found tied up in Heredia last August 12, 2011, and the surname of a Colombian Barboza Lamos.

The police managed the seizure of 12 firearms, one M14 rifle, a submachine gun and body armor, plus $ 125 000 in cash.

It also investigates the trafficking of cocaine to Nicaragua and from there toGuatemala.

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