March Against Corruption In Costa Rica

Representatives of teacher unions and workers of the Social Security Fund (CCSS) arrived at Congress, concluding the “march against corruption” this Tuesday morning.

In front of the Legislative Assembly building was a group of students from the University of Costa Rica, then around 12:30 pm, joined APSE and UNDECA spokespersons .

The Broad Front deputy Jose Maria Villalta, joined Protestants in its journey from La Merced park. When they were in front of Congress, the deputy of Citizen Action Juan Carlos Mendoza went out to listen to the union leaders.

The group covered almost four blocks moved slowly along Central Avenue.

The three groups stopped about thirty minutes in front of the central building of the CCSS to shout slogans against the chief executive Ileana Balmaceda and save the CCSS.

The manifestation was not supported by other unions such as the SEC, ANDE and the Internal Front of Workers of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE).

Beatriz Ferreto, APSE spokeswoman, said “the lack of unions, not weakened our goal. Always knew that they would not participate and more than ever we are satisfied with the people who participated in the march.”

Ferreto added that he was surprised by the decision of the ICE union representatives. “In fact we never expect,” he said.

Luis Diego Herrera, director of the Transit Police, confirmed that the development of the protest passed without major disruptions. According to the director, forty officers participated in the operation this morning. As the group moved down Second Avenue, the officers opened the passage of the streets crossing this road.

The manifestation affection in various services such as hospitals Calderon Guardia, Mexico, San Juan de Dios, the National Psychiatry, the National Geriatrics and hospitals in Carthage, Turrialba and San Ramon, where included surgeries have been suspended.

The Communications Department of the Social Security Fund (CCSS) reported that at 10:30 a. m. Calderon Guardia hospital services were not working X-rayand pharmacy.

At the same health center had dozens of demonstrators outside the medical center.

In Mexico 76 Hospital officials did not work and was suspended ten surgeriesthat were scheduled in advance. According to the Fund, external consultationworked normally.

However, the press officer of the medical center, Susana Saravia said that 212 employees joined the movement of pathology services, surveillance, clinical laboratory, orthopedics, nutrition, maintenance, pharmacy, grooming, andnursing.

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