Many People Question Loosely Used Term “Affordable” When Talking About Real Estate in Costa Rica

homes for sale in Costa Rica

We all read about it, hear about and watch it advertised on television, but some people question the loosely used term of being “affordable” when talking about purchasing real estate in Costa Rica.

For years Costa Rica was head to head with Panama within the retirement sector and it appears of late that
retiring in Costa Rica
has hedged itself in to the pole position — at least according to a variety of retirement relocation media focusing on expats from the USA.

Another country that is keen on Costa Rica is Canada.

Canadians have had their eyes on homes for sale in Costa Rica for some time now. Savvy investors — or even the “average Joe” –look to the opportunity presented here. For example: the average Canadian can own a second vacation villa on the beach in Costa Rica for less than $500/mth.

Seeing as I am Canadian myself I can say this…us Canucks are “careful with our money”. Some think of it as cheap while others appreciate our frugal nature given that as of late, the higher percentage of  Costa Rica propertyhomes for sale in Costa Rica buyers are Canadian.

We appreciate a BARGAIN!

So while some Costa Rica real estate agents complain about Canadian buyers, others quietly listen to our questions/concerns to later reap the rewards of closing the sale. And for this reason we see more successful agents than others.

A prime example of someone who’s quietly cleaning house on other realtors is Randy Berg.

Randy has been providing REAL affordable homes for sale in Costa Rica since early 2000 and has done so while not only focusing on Canadians, but also simply for his steadfast methods of sticky to the definition of “affordable”.

af·ford·a·ble (-fôrd-bl, -fr-)
That can be afforded: affordable housing; an affordable risk.
af·forda·bili·ty n.
af·forda·bly adv.

Originating from Minnesota, the Berg family set out bound for Costa Rica in 2002 determined to live that affordable life in paradise everyone talks about.

To this day Randy and gang continue to provide the most affordable
homes for sale in Costa Rica
and do their part in helping others acquire this same reality in their lives.

For more information on homes for sale in Costa Rica by Randy Berg, including beachfront villas, mountain oceanview haciendas and even gated communities nestled amongst the Costa Rican rainforest, all for less than a new car would cost in the US, visit –

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