Man Sentenced to 30 Years For Murdering Nurse

The San Jose criminal court sentenced a man to 30 years in prison – the  man is known as “black.

He is a young, 23 years old. He is convicted of murdering a nurse to try to steal her cell phone.

The court found him guilty of murdering Patricia Fallas Alice Rivera on January 6, 2011.

In addition, the Court indicated that there is no doubt that with the testimony and evidence presented during the hearing, he was solely responsible for the killing of the young mother just for the purpose of stealing her cell phone.

The criminal judge, Gloriana Valverde said the court has no doubt of his guilt – Valverde called it a legal fact quite serious.

The family of the victim is satisfied with the result by the sentence of 30 years.

Erlis Fallas, brother of the victim said; this can serve as an example. The witnesses declared that they did not know the family of Alice Patricia Fallas, and thanks to these statements, there was justice in the case of the death of this young woman.

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