Man Gets Pain In the Ass After Enlargement Surgery

A man suffers severe health problems after undergoing a process to increase the size of his buttocks.

In August 2011, the victim visited an aesthetic located in Paseo Colon because he wanted to enlarge his buttocks, but apparently the “doctors” used a substance not permitted. But this wasn’t the only thing that was strange that day.

According to one witness, they used non-sterile devices.

22 days after the problems started. According to a friend of the victim after the operation everything seemed normal.

At this moment the affected man is facing a severe thrombosis, he has difficulty walking and his buttocks are also problematic with severe pains.

The doctor now says it is difficult to cure because the mineral oil or silicone fluid injected into the buttocks affect all body tissues.

Worse, the doctor refuses to refer to the case, and even claimed not to know the affected.

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