Man Catches Cheating Girlfriend And Stabs Her 17 Times

A man will spend three months in preventive detention after he apparently tried to end the life of his girlfriend and another man.

This despite the fact that Santa Cruz Crown Prosecutor requested six months of preventive detention against the accused, who is charged with the crimes of attempted femicide and attempted murder.

Presumably, Contreras came to cabins ‘The Tecas’ this Sunday night and found his girlfriend with another man. The man went to a cabin with a knife and struck them several times and inflicting serious injuries.

The man who was with his girlfriend in the cabin received only minor injuries. But to his girlfriend, he repeatedly stabbed her with a machete 17 times.

The 24 year old woman arrived to San Jose on Monday via air from Guanacaste because of the severity of her injuries. The victim had surgery that lasted almost eight hours, but surgery was not enough to remove the critical state.

The main injuries are a deep wound in her lung, another in the face and a fractured skull.

In fact she is not yet out of danger.

The suspect in the assault fled the scene at first but later surrendered to authorities in the home of relatives.

By having all the elements to determine the type of aggression and crime, it is possible that the charge against the accused is ready in the coming days.

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