Major Crime Ring Busted

As part of the actions taken by the security forces in support of the courts of the country, this weekend they apprehended 12 people who have outstanding warrants with the law for sexual crimes, crimes against life and fraud, among others.

After several police working in different parts of the country arrested 12 people who apparently are linked to this alleged connection with various crimes. In addition, police seized drugs, weapons and ammunition.

Three were under orders to capture. One of them is arrested Rojas Picado surname in the area of ​​Llano Azul in El Progreso Upala and who was wanted by authorities for alleged rape.

Another offender is Matamoros surname Solorzano, who was captured in Central Park Lemon has an arrest warrant for alleged violation of the Law on Protection of turtles and the other man is Barrantes surname Ugalde, who was arrested in Puntarenas for breach of protective measures.

The security forces located in San Jose Alajuelita arrested a criminal named Aguilar with 36 doses of crack in La Carpio. Morales was found with 19 doses and 10 grams of cocaine and 10 doses of marijuana and another subject from Tibás named Mairena, a Nicaraguan national, was found with 500 doses of crack.

Arias Arias Jimenez and Chavez were located on the highway to Palmares and the cops found several flat screens, DVD and computer goods were allegedly stolen from a home owned by a woman, now they were left under the provisions of the Ministry public and retrieved articles.

The security forces also arrested four men for illegal possession of firearm.

One of surnames Casco, who was arrested in Lemon with a 38 caliber revolver with four shots, another individual of surnames Rodriguez with a type 9 mm, the sixth detainee responds to the name Arias who was arrested in Puntarenas with a 22 caliber rifle with six bullets in the magazine, who also was carrying counterfeits 21 10 000 colones and eleven bills, also false, $ 20.

In Tibás, police officers found a Nicaraguan named Castaneda and a woman identified as Garcia, who carried a .38 revolver and a .45 caliber pistol.

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