Lower AIDS Cases in Costa Rica This Year

Fewer people with AIDS in Costa Rica. Figures currently recorded 3,400 patients, including women and children are counted.

With screening, experts have managed to stop mothers infecting newborns.

Of these 3400 people, 80% men and 20% women of different ages including children. The clinic that serves HIV positive cases in the Children’s Hospital looks after 65 children who were infected by their mothers during pregnancy and childbirth.

A screening is to identify the appropriate diagnosis and treat a patient with HIV/AIDS when in gestation and 12 weeks after starting the use of three anti-retrovirals.

The baby was born by cesarean section, treatment is given anti-rettroviral and not given milk.

Although cases of infected children are decreasing, even pregnant women are presented with the virus, the majority Costa Ricans followed by Nicaraguans.