Looking to Strengthen China Costa Rica Business Ties

Costa Rica and China

Representatives of the China Federation of Cooperatives that consists of more than 4,000 groups, are in Costa Rica with the aim to explore and promote opportunities for trade and investment between both countries.

External Trade Minister, Anabel Gonzalez said; it is important to continue efforts to maximize the free trade agreement that is updated since August last year.

Currently, Costa Rica has protocols in place to export bananas, hides, and is in the final stage to enter into force on beef.

And the country is negotiating protocols for pork, chicken, dairy products and seafood, and phytosanitary certificates for pineapple and melon.

The Foreign Trade Corporation (PROCOMER) identified sectors with export potential to China, as alcoholic beverages, palm oil and soybeans, wood, ornamental plants, among others.

Only in 2011, the trade flows between China and Costa Rica reached 1,497 million dollars.

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