Local Flights Popular For Semana Santa

Traveling by car can be tiring with jams, exposure to traffic accidents, and saving time, these are what motivates more national tourists to use internal flights to travel to the beaches to enjoy the Easter holidays.

For this Week, which culminates recently, the influx of Costa Ricans who chose to fly increased considerably. The company Nature Air, which is one of two that provides the service of domestic flights to Guanacaste,experienced about an 80% increase in the number of users.

Maryliz Alvarado, Supervisor of Nature Air in Liberia Daniel Oduber Airport said, there has been an increase this week in people who come to the beaches to spend the Holy Week. We had to put some extra flights in service. ”

The company flies from Tobias Bolanos Airport in Liberia and Tamarindo.

The other company that provides the service to Guanacaste is Sansa, which travels from the terminal Juan Santamaria also to Liberia and Tamarindo.

Similarly, the number of customers Sansa rose this week, and the two daily services have reached their maximum capacity.
Diana Bonilla, customer service Sansa from International Airport said:”Throughout the season we have had plenty of customers, but this week has been better, many national tourists come, they are whole families.”

The companies even made ​​common tariff reductions-between $ 240 and $ 250round trip, for this week. Such is the case with Nature Air offered $ 130 round trip. “We try not only the upper class could use us, but also middle class who wanted to spend no time moving to San Jose car,” said Alvarado, Nature Air.

Sansa also offered some low-priced tickets for each flight.

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