Limon Dockworkers Continue To Negotiate With Government

Last night, near the end of the negotiations, the Government and the Union of Japdeva (Sintrajap) had not reached an agreement at the presidential palace to end the strike on the docks of Limon.

After nearly 12 hours of negotiation, one of the main points was the demand for to modify Sintrajap clause 9 of the concession granted to the company APM Terminals, for the construction of a mega port container in the Caribbean.

Both union representatives and several deputies Limon attending the appointment, they argue that this clause gives the Dutch company exclusivity to operate the cargo arriving at the Caribbean ports.

“What we want is that the load which now receives the port we were not completely removed,” said the legislator Carmen Granados, the Citizen Action Party (PAC).

However, the Executive Power insisted last night that will not change the contract because, he maintains, this is not intended to give exclusivity to APM Terminals, what we want is a specialization in handling containers.

Carlos Ricardo Benavides, Minister of the Presidency, said at 10:50 p. m. that the talks would be extended until late.

He noted that it would try to seek agreement on the modernization of the Moin dock.

Another conflictive issue is the requirement of the dockworkers and lawmakers to incorporate in negotiations with representatives of the grantee. This request was not accepted by the Government.

Jose Luis Castillo, Sintrajap finance secretary, said last night that the strike on the docks will continue until reaching an agreement beneficial to both parties.

Japdeva workers are on strike since last Tuesday. Two days later, security forces took the port facilities to allow Colombian and Panamanian Personal took the work of loading and unloading of goods.

For Caribbean ports spend 80 percent of import and export products of the country.

After 10 a. m. began arriving in the Presidential Residence in Zapote, trade union leaders of the Board of Port Administration and Economic Development of the Atlantic slope (Japdeva).

Among the attendees are the union general secretary, Ronaldo Blear and secretaries of Conflict and Finance, Carlos Brenes and Jose Luis Castillo, respectively.

They were received by the Minister of the Presidency, Carlos Ricardo Benavides.

As mediators, involving representatives of three political parties Limon, and the defender of the People deputy, Luis Fallas.

During the meeting, the security forces monitored around the presidential palace.

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