Law on wildlife would be the first approved by popular initiative

The project 17054, Law on Wildlife, today could become the first standard approved by citizens initiative.

177,000 signatures supporting the proposal allowed to apply the method by which a process occurs within a file.

The Popular Initiative Act allows citizens to put draft legislation office when they have the signature of at least 5% of the electoral roll, which is equivalent to nearly 135,000 signatures, according to the last cut of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

“It will be the first time in history that will be voted a draft law proposed by citizens,” said Rep. National Liberation (PLN) Alfonso Perez.

The project proposes a series of reforms to environmental laws to protect biodiversity, and it was promoted the nongovernmental organization Apreflofas.

Among its provisions, the law provides for plan prohibit the hunting of wild animals.

It also establishes administrative penalties of up to ¢ 1.8 million for those who act against wildlife.

Only two MPs raise doubts about the project: Maria Ocampo, the PLN, and Libertarian Ernesto Chavarria, who claim that the prohibition of hunting could affect cultural traditions of their native Guanacaste.