Landslides and change in crater lake of volcanoes capture attention of scientists

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At least four of the seven active volcanoes in the country attract the attention of scientists after the earthquake of 7.6. magnitude.

This is the Arenal (Alajuela) and Rincon de la Vieja (Guanacaste), Turrialba (Cartago) and Poás (Alajuela).

According to specialists agree Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (OVSICORI-A) and the National Seismological Network (RSN: ICE-UCR), due to the size of the earthquake, it is normal volcanic structures,, especially those who were vulnerable , will be affected. There is a change in material and until chemical changes.

The clearest example is the Arenal, where locals reported a noise characteristic of rolling boulders. “We know there is a landslide in the north, in the direction of the community of La Palma,” said Maria Martinez geochemistry, OVSICORI.

“In the Poas Volcano, rangers could not see well because of the weather), but they reported no noticeable landslides and cracks,” he added.

However, Raul Mora, the RSN, says that the most noticeable changes have been in its lake. “It looks much sulfur, yellow spots on the lake, which is normal in the Poás before the earthquake but they were not.”

In the Turrialba volcano has reported a slight collapse. “The emission level is similar to what was observed previously,” said the expert OVSICORI.

Because, earthquakes have been registered there, the RSN yesterday decided to install a seismological station between that and the Irazu volcano.

This is done to make, in the medium term it is possible to determine if the earthquakes that occur there (as replicas) are the result of a tectonic or volcano itself.

Scientists have not yet visited the Rincon de la Vieja, but have received reports from neighbors (who live about 17 miles west of the volcano), who claim that the crystalline water normally receive from a nascent nearby nature has a milky consistency “apparently mixed with sulfur. ”

“It also mentioned supposed cracks opened in the north, but we have not confirmed. We also know that sometimes looms a steam plume. That happens from days before the earthquake, “explained Martinez.

The reason why these giants is discussed because they are active volcanoes and a good size.