La Platina Bridge Is Again In Danger

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The Bridge on the River on Highway Virilla General Cañas, known as ‘La platina’, has deteriorated at an “alarming” rate. But in spite of damage, the MOPT has not made repairs to the surface since February.

A study by the National Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models (LANAMME) at the University of Costa Rica, it showed, between January and May of this year.

The report cited “a sustained increase in deterioration of the slab, which has critical damage.

“We note that the slab of the bridge will suffer severe damage in a short time, and may be in danger the security of users and the general functionality of the route 1-General Cañas,” the statement said.

The collapse of concrete, started since February 2011, when it replaced the pavement surface with concrete grids. By reducing the weight of the structure became more flexible, thereby increasing the vibrations in the structure.

Therefore, it is very important the urgency of implementing structural improvements on the bridge, and that the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) has promised since January, but still they have not done anything.

The Head of the institution, Luis Llach, who assumed the portfolio earlier this month, said the study admitted to his office on June 14 and he will not express anything until he can value it.

However, in a general reference to the situation of the bridge, said it is waiting for another expert analysis of bridges, Carlos Fernandez, to define the “action plan”.

Barrantes Roy, coordinator of the Assessment and Management Unit of the National Road Network, said, “They can put whatever they want on the slab that will eventually fail. Needs an urgent structural intervention “.

Meanwhile, the LANAMME recommended regulate loads and speeds of the bridge, over which pass 80,000 vehicles per day.

“When there is much traffic, the loads are the most important because the transit walks slowly. When there is not much traffic, the cars passing too fast that makes the bridge vibrate a lot, “said the specialist.

The minister, Llach said that the suggestion of LANAMME “has logic” and said that he is going to consider. “We have to make a comprehensive evaluation of the factors and obviously I’m going to devote myself to read the report carefully.”

However, the chief declined to give time for the settlement of the bridge and building another parallel structure, while there are negotiations with the concessionaire of the road to San Ramon, who would assume the project.

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