Just 732 Traffic Police For All Of Costa Rica

costa rica traffic

Entering the “jungle” of streets and vehicles in the metropolitan area is a headache for hundreds of drivers. But it’s worse when traffic does not appear to bring order or when there is a car accident that backs up traffic for what seems forever.

The reason for this absence is simple: one Transit officer must monitor around 144 kilometers of road.

This is the approximate distance between San José and Limón.

Costa Rica has 35,350 kilometers of roads, but there are only 732 transit officials to care for them.

According to the union (Unateprot), this is compounded by the bad organization of the police force, causing an inefficient work on the tracks.

Joselito Ureña, general secretary of the National Union of Professional Technicians Traffic (Unateprot), he is agreed that they need 2,000 seats, however criticized the management given the current staff.

A study by Ureña revealed excess headquarters, which he said are seats that are outside the surveillance of streets.

Only in the Juan Santamaria Airport 10 officers have to watch street 800 meters from the terminal, and there are 3 headquarters.

In addition to all the northern there are only 14 officers, of which 2 are bosses and 4 guard.

To criticism, the director of Traffic explained that all managers must work on the tracks, regulate traffic, address collision and not stay at a desk.

“The leaders have to work and that’s my policy. Even here in San Jose I have said. We also are part of the uniform and gear, “he said.

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