International Court of Justice (ICJ) Opens New Hearings in the Case of Costa Rica-Nicaragua

International Court of Justice (ICJ)  Costa Rica Nicaragua Border Dispute

Today the International Court of Justice (ICJ) begins new hearings to examine the possibility of issuing precautionary measures on disputed territory between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, a process initiated by the Government of Costa Rica.

Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla claims that Nicaragua has violated the restraining order issued by the ICJ in 2011 on the territory in question.

According to the report, Nicaragua has opened two river channels to joining into the San Juan River where the river meets the Caribbean Sea via Isla Portillos and Calero Island, and area which both countries claim sovereignty.

According to the Government of Costa Rica this is causing great environmental damage to a protected wetland area — Managua in turn denies this claim.

In 2011, the ICJ ordered Costa Rica and Nicaragua not send military, police forces or civilians in the disputed territory. Costa Rica is now requesting the ICJ to impose new measures.

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