Insurers processing some 2120 earthquake damage claims

The National Insurance Institute (INS), Mapfre Seguros Costa Rica and Assa Insurance, are processing together about 2,120 claims related to damage caused by the earthquake of September 5.

These three companies and Seguros Bolívar are the only ones in the country can offer policies to protect property. However, the last firm still sells products of this kind.

Until now, most of the processes the INS claims: 1,012 by 1040 for homes and commercial premises.

This insurance company visited the community of Santa Cruz Guanacaste a mobile unit to facilitate the procedure for indemnification.

Guillermo Constenla, president of the state insurance company said that this office will move to areas with greater consequences. In each community they will be for about three days.

In Assa, the number of claims reaches 40, and Mapfre to 25. Both sell policies since 2009, after the market opened.

After the claim of the policyholder, the insurer will send experts to make an inspection of the damage, in this case the buildings.

Subsequently checked the veracity of the claim and the conditions of the policy , we will rotate in favor of the affected resources.

Angelic Lizano, Vice- president of Commercial Mapfre said that, generally, the whole process takes two days, however, the time depends on each case.

The same applies to the INS. In the state insurance companythe time to deliver compensation can take eight to 10 days for “normal case”, but the term will depend on the outcome of the inspection of the expert.

“There are always those who want to take advantage of this event,” said Constenla.

Constenla said there have also been requests for compensation related to other policies.

Examples are: all-risk coverage for vehicles that protect the car from fortuitous events, such as falling off a roof.