Incompetence takes away the World Cup from Costa Rica

world cup women

Today, the country is dressed in shame, because negligence, breaches and inexperience removed the possibility to organize their first World Cup.
According to the President of the Costa Rican Federation of Soccer, Eduardo Li, yesterday in the morning he got a phone call from FIFA. When he hung up and went back to bed (if he could at all), Costa Rica was no longer the next headquarters of the Sub-17 Feminine Cup of 2014.

The main reason: too much delay in the construction and remodeling of stadiums and courts. In the official chronogram this should start in January, to this moment there’s nothing done.

Without a doubt, a massive international ridicule.

But even though the news has an impact, it burns and hurts, you could see it coming.

Now we just need to find who and what failed.
However, at the moment of pointing fingers, some people blame it on others meanwhile the others simply wash their hands and say they had nothing to do with it.

Fedefutbol and the Comité Organizador Local of the tournament exposed that the Government didn’t give them the promised funds to build 8 natural courts in Jaco and Liberia and for the remodeling of the stadium Edgardo Baltodano, these were close to 3 million dollars.

The response was and still is, that the money was always there, but the Soccer committee never presented all the documents required so that the money for 2013 was approved, therefore authorizing the millionaire transfer.

Opinions and versions: Li accepted yesterday that very simple things caused confusion in the money transfer; one of them was not giving a certification that shows the payments to the workers that Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social requires. Another one was a mistake in a number of a liquidation.

He also pointed out that the paperwork in here isn’t agile or friendly to an activity he named as “Proyecto País”, and quoted as an example that the permissions of Seneta are still on hold.

He also said that the money increase of Icoder for this 2013 (by whom these 3 million dollars would go through) was asked in December, and approved until February 19th, so even though the requisites would be presented, the money couldn’t be handled before that date, due to the high amount.

Minister of Sports, William Corrales and the Minister of Presidency, Carlos Ricardo Benavides, in the last days were holding firmly to the fact that Fedefutbol was in debt for several months with State organizations like Caja and Foresaf.