In Only a Few Hours OIJ Busts Marijuana Grower and Seizes 25kg of Cocaine

The police action began this Tuesday night in Santa Ana, when close to the school in San Rafael they arrested a man trying to get more than 300 marijuana plants in bags.

The agents of the Narcotics Section had located inside a house and they found a laboratory to produce hydroponic marijuana. there were another 300 plants growing, lamps, fertilizer and a drying room.

The second operation was in Barrio Cristo Rey in Alajuela.

Inside this truck confiscated 25 kilos of cocaine that were hidden in the vehicle’s tires.

The truck circulated around the Bernardo Soto highway when a tire blew and it started falling packets of cocaine everywhere.

The driver tried to run away but the other driver followed him and told the police.

Firefighters washed the road in the place where the drug was scattered.

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