In A Country Where Customer Service Is Almost Non-Existant


It should come to no surprise to people who’ve spent any amount of time in Costa Rica that the customer service here leaves less than to be desired.

Even the suggestion of a refund here will bring upon a comical roar amongst surrounding Ticos.

A few months back I myself was smacked in the face by this when I tried to buy a simple Pay-as-you-Go SIM card for my iPad HD. The story is recounted here – Movistar – All Sales Final!

Then there is a fellow named Asdrúbal Hidalgo Mata from Brunca Rent A Car in Perez Zeledon aka San Isidro.

Just the other day I needed a rental car to take to San Jose with me when the first car I received had a bit of an issue with a strong odor of gasoline. Asdrubal would promptly come and retrieve the car and exchange for another one (Yaris).

I took the car to San Jose where everything went just great.

When I returned the car I asked Asdrubal about the car not having a working air-conditioner and he said, “really?”.

He then said to me, “you had 2 problems – one with the first car and now no air-conditioning on the second – it’s on me!”

I was dumbfounded to hear that given in all my years of experience here in Costa Rica you’re more likely to see a Chupacabra than hear a Costa Rican business tell you it’s free.

So I can safely recommend that anyone looking to rent a car in the southern zone of Costa Rica, consider contacting the #1 in customer service and selection of cars in the area – Brunca Rent A Car.

For more information on Brunca Rent A Car…

(506)2770-4953 (office)
(506)8829-2136 (Asdrubal – cellular)

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