Immigration Will Not Tolerate Foreigners Coming To Costa Rica And Committing Crimes

The Directorate General of Immigration recently implemented an electronic system for the care, control and monitoring of foreigners who are in prisons in Costa Rica.

According to Minister of Interior, Police and Public Safety, Mario Zamora, “we will not tolerate foreigners coming to Costa Rica to commit crimes.”

He also said that the new system will send alerts, so that once the person serve his sentence in Costa Rica they are deported to his country.

A report last week found that 16% of the prison population in Costa Rica foreign are mostly men from Nicaragua and Colombia.

Of the 2,295 foreign prisoners, 65% comes from Nicaragua, 12% of Colombia, Panama 4% and 4% of the United States.

Zamora emphasized that in the months before the person serves the sentence they proceed to cancel their immigration status.

Last year 456 Costa Rican authorities conducted more than 8,000 deportations and entry refusals to illegal aliens.

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