ICT Costa Rica Tourism Campaign Prepares For Phase 2


A daring advertising campaign has given more exposure to Costa Rica across social networks. This is the “Costa Rica’s Million Dollar Gift of Happiness” campaign.

The Costa Rican Institute of Tourism said that the campaign increased the number of mentions of our country as a tourist destination worldwide.

The campaign was aimed to increase the reporting of the country in social networks. For our country this implies an increase in the number of tourists who visit us.

“It has many benefits because people who visit the country, will experience and will recommend it to their friends and family.” said Ireth Rodriguez of ICT.

These results were part of the first stage of this campaign.

For the second phase the goal is to keep the interest of visiting Costa Rica up. Besides creating a constant viral promotion of our country.

“There there will be more viral communication about what makes Costa Rica great: its biodiversity, its people. The campaign will continue to give good results.” said Rodriguez.

The campaign had a total cost of $2.9 million. The advertising was aimed at countries like Canada and the United States.

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