ICE Still In Hot Water With Diquis Hydro-Electric Project

costa rica dam

A special reporter of the Organization of United Nations (United Nations) for the rights of indigenous peoples, James Anaya, visited for the second time, the Térraba Indian Reservation.

The purpose of the visit is to verify the situation of the rights of this population in relation to the hydroelectric project Diquís.

In his first visit, it was determined that ICE entered the territory of the reserve without consent of its inhabitants, which later motivated the removal of the ICE from the dam site where it had done work.

The intention of the visit of the representative is to be sure ICE complies with the consultation of the indigenous people of Térraba, as established by international agreements previous to the completion of any project in order to establish mutually beneficial conditions.

The association supports the Tárraba judgment against ICE because they had entered without consent to its territory, and for causing environmental damage.

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