ICE Going to Black Out Cellphones


The Costa Rican Institute of Electricity plans to suspend all services of GSM and 3G telephony in the country for a minimum of 4 hours during the night of Wednesday.

Work on optimizing the telecommunications network leads to ICE this week repairs are made that affect part or all telecommunications services.

Initially and for 5 hours starting at 7am on Wednesday, residents of Puntarenas will experience problems in voice and data services provided through WiMax.

Mobile telephony and the Internet for all GSM will be suspended intermittently for 3 hours in Alajuela on Thursday, starting at 9am.

According to an official publication of the ICE around 8pm on Wednesday and until 4am on Thursday, the effect on the mobile phone will be nationwide.

It is estimated that telephony services GSM and 3G, text messages between clients and other operators of ICE, electronic recharge and prepaid mobile banking will be affected up to 4 hours straight in full throughout the country.

The ICE press office maintained version of that connection problems are partially implemented, meaning that in the span of 4 hours for repair in different parts of the country and throughout the same time.