ICE blames equipment for Internet failure and loss of signal for the 3G cellular network

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) blamed equipment failure for loss of Internet service and 3G cellular network that affected users around the country in the afternoon and Wednesday night.

The failure occurred when performing technical work of the Institute to expand the capacity of the IP transport network (RAI).

“The root cause of the affectation accuses to malfunctioning equipment,” said a brief report submitted by ICE yesterday afternoon to the Telecommunications (Sutel).

It explains that during the work the equipment injected erroneous routing information system and 3G network RAI.

“These routes are propagated throughout the network immediately, saturating memory resources of the routes that provide transportation to the telecommunications system,” added the one-page report.

In the morning the Institute reported that “by order of the Superior Administration compensate” for people affected.

The damage caused partial disruption of mobile network services of third generation (3G) and in full Internet access on mobile virtual network operators, business services and digital television (IPTV).

The event was recorded at 3:07 p. m. and services began to stabilize gradually _ around 4:30 p. m. and until 6 p. m., said the Institute.

The Sutel reported that their technicians are reviewing the report of the ICE to define who should receive compensation affected customers.

It added that the Quality Department and Spectrum requested further details on the causes and the number of users involved in order to calculate the compensation they will receive.

It also attempts to detail the affectation at points of interconnection of the Institute and private telephone.

The report also required Sutel companies Tuyo Mobile and Fullmóvil virtual operators through ICE cellular network to determine the allocation of services to those customers.

Regarding the payment of compensation, Sutel reported that there is still no expected date.

“The Sutel works applying the formula in Article 26 of the Rules of Performance and Quality of Services to define how users will get affected,” it added.