ICE activates the solar plant in Bagaces

Solar Water heater

Since Thursday, the Sun’s energy is another commodity that ICE used to produce electricity.

The stage of this process will Miravalles solar park, located in La Fortuna de Bagaces, Guanacaste, in front of the Miravalles III geothermal plant.

Here, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) will inaugurate its first solar power plant, where production will be used by surrounding communities.

The solar park Miravalles, this consists of 235 photovoltaic panels 4300 watts each, according to data provided by the press office of ICE.

The installed capacity of this plant in Bagaces is 1 megawatt, representing electric supply about 800 homes. However, it is expected to reach up to 1.2 megawatt hours annually.

The aim is to mitigate global warming by using clean energy.

Its installation was made possible by the donation of $ 9 million from the Japanese government.

With these resources were put into operation this plant in Bagaces and another next to the main building of the Institute, in Sabana Norte, San José.

Besides the use as an energy source, the park is expected to become an attraction for tourism in this part of the country, characterized by the large number of hot springs at the foot of the volcano Miravalles.