Hunger strikes proves fruitful for prisoners

After a hunger strike for 24 hours, 1,700 minimum security inmates at the prison La Reforma, succeeded yesterday that the Ministry of Justice to be more flexible with the entry of food from their families.

The protest began on Monday, first 900 prisoners in the pavilion A, and yesterday they were joined by 800 prisoners of the pavilion B.

The strike, as a preventive measure, entered 160 officers of the security forces, including four special groups to face riots or hostage taking. Also, involved 300 police officers Penitentiary.

Milton Alvarado, head of the Armed Forces of Alajuela, said they did not have the need to intervene and also were made roadblocks near the prison facility.

The security forces who arrived in La Reforma at 10 a. m. was removed from the site at 3 p. m., Alvarado said.

Reynaldo Villalobos said the inmates protest began on Monday shortly after noon and afternoon refused to receive food.

Then yesterday, did not accept the breakfast, and they did not go to work. They stood in the halls until a commission composed of five officials from the Ministry of Justice spoke with 15 prisoners, on behalf of the rebels.

“At 11:30 a. m. deposed movement and at 12.30 p. m. they were already receiving food. They were protesting because there were some differences in their treatment of the income brackets of the articles. They allege that some are stricter than others. We will solve the situation, “said Villalobos.