How To Survive Costa Rica’s “Dead” Season

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Costa Rica typically is known amongst locals and expats alike as having two distinct seasons – rainy season aka green season and dry season.

However businesses also have their own names for these seasons and they are low season aka the “dead season” whereas business slows to near nothing and the high season.


Fortunately for many businesses, the high season brings so much fruit that they can continue to survive even through the low or “dead season”. Others are not so lucky.

costa rica marketing

Each year in Costa Rica, when the low season hits and then subsequently resides, it claims a large number of businesses with it.

It is no secret that aside from being editor of Costa Rica News Site, I’m also the highest profile Costa Rica marketing specialist in the country. So yes…I do get to see the effects – probably more so than others – of the fatalities created by businesses not preparing themselves for the upcoming low season.

I continue to ask myself why it is that, even though we all know it coming – like it does each year – many businesses continue to ride that fine line and risk survival.

It’s as sure as the sunrise that in low season – without a Plan B – you’re going to experience a massive cut in traffic flow through your business. Especially if you’re in the tourism/hospitality sector.

My job has always been to minimize and prepare for this for my clients.

Stop putting your business through Hell when you have the power to prevent further grief at the hands of low season.

So if you are a business owner in Costa Rica who’s looking for a way to cushion the blow of low season, consider contacting me to establish a campaign that will benefit you…and your business!

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