Hospitals receive money to pay overtime

A special budget of ¢ 25,000 million accounts help hospitals, clinics and health areas throughout the country.

This amount, approved by the Comptroller General of the Republic, will be refunded for items variables, this means extraordinary times, guards, availabilities, night surcharges, and holiday compensation.

For this year, the Social Security Fund (CCSS) decided to allocate budgets based on hospital productivity, which aims to bring stricter monitoring spending health centers.

The CCSS will make this payment in two parts: the first before next Monday, the second is scheduled for November.

However, the authorities of the insurance agency, did not indicate what amount allocated to each facility.

Roger Fernandez, director of the St. Francis Hospital in Grecia, Alajuela, said that will receive ¢ 200 million, which used to pay staff services.

“We believe that with this we can work and we can pay our workers in a timely manner,” said Dr. Fernandez.

But apparently, not all hospitals know how much extra budget has been granted. This is the case of the San Rafael Hospital in Alajuela.

The director of this center, Francisco Perez, said that, for now, they have not received any communication from the Financial Management of the CCSS which indicate how much they will receive.

To Gustavo Picado, financial manager of the CCSS, this reinforcement of headings variables allow the centers to ensure “the health care provided by the CCSS in all corners of the country.”