Holy Week Holiday Hours For Businesses and Government

Banks, hospitals and public service providers made small changes during Holy Week in order to serve their clients.

The National Bank will open from 8:30 a. m. at 3:45 p. m. Monday to Wednesday and keep their offices closed until the following Monday.

The Bank of Costa Rica will have regular hours during business days of the following week. This also happens in the People’s Bank and Bancrédito.

The Mutual Alajuela normally work Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday until three o’clock.

The Bank Lafise, Scotiabank, BAC San José and HSBC will have regular hours and close from Thursday to Sunday.

Water and Sewer announced that it will work Monday and Tuesday from 7a.m. to 4p.m. while Wednesday will be open only half the day.

The ICE agency will work normally on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Power and Light will provide service Monday through Wednesday between 8a.m. and 5p. m.

Cable Tica reported on Wednesday they only work until noon, while Monday and Tuesday all operate normally. The holidays will have emergency care 24 hours a day.

The main hospitals in the country keep running the outpatient and other services Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, other days will be handled emergencies only.

The San Juan, Calderon Guardia, Mexico and the Children will work with this schedule.

Tony Facio in the provinces of Limon, San Vicente de Paul Heredia, San Rafael de Alajuela, Cartago Max Peralta, Monsignor Sanabria in Puntarenas andAnnexation of Nicoya, also confirmed this pattern of care

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