High Tides With Large Waves Expected for Tomorrow Along Pacific Coast

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Residents of the Pacific coast and mainly around Caldera, face the danger of receiving a heavy swell in the morning on Wednesday.

Experts will expect waves frequency of 20 to 22 seconds which would impact some beaches strongly given their expect size.

The municipal emergency committees are prepared to protect families who live near the coast if is necessary even an evacuation.

Experts say the waves would exceed two meters.

On Wednesday the waves are expected to be at their highest.

There will be very strong waves breaking on various beaches, very similar to what we had on Saturday August 4 of this year at Caldera.

The National Emergency Commission remains on alert.

The next high tide will be this afternoon and Wednesday morning at 1:00 a. m.and at 1:00 p. m.

The places most likely to be impact are Caldera, Playa Azul, Corralillo Tárcoles, Palo Seco and Isla Damas, sites recognized by erosion suffered by previous high tides.

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