High Tides and Huge Waves Cause Problems Along Pacific


Waves of three meters and a high tide caused the evacuation of 250 people from 35 homes that were flooded.

The incident happened this weekend at 5 a. m., about 300 meters north of the school in Esparza, Puntarenas.

Walter Fonseca, chief operating officer of the National Emergency Commission (CNE) confirmed that, in coordination with the Municipal Committee of Esparza, it was possible to swiftly perform the evacuation of families.

“The emergency commission, enabled a lodge in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit, in Caldera, for relocating families, but some of them did not want to stay there, others decided to stay with relatives. In addition, food supplies were sent, foams and blankets, “said Fonseca.

Of the 250 people affected, few of them had the opportunity to take some belongings at the time of the tide.

“We have suffered damage to all the houses, everything happened in the morning. We had to spend the rest of the morning on the road, in front of houses, “said Luis Carlos Chavarria, a resident affected by the phenomenon.

For the strong waves, two of the 35 houses were completely destroyed.

The CNE and the Municipality of Esparza coordinated for a tractor, clean up the road and build a retaining wall to protect the houses.

Omar Lizano, an oceanographer at the University of Costa Rica, explained that this phenomenon was caused by several factors.

“This tidal wave, caused by storms in the South Pacific, joined at high tide and a ten-foot waves that made it hit harder on the beach.

“Also, because in Caldera are taking sand to build a dam, this has caused an imbalance in the beach sediments, helping to swell up more quickly to the shore,” explained the expert.

Diego Herrera, director of Traffic, said that while there is high tide, the road between Puntarenas and Caldera will be closed and will allow other routes.