High Tech Accompanies Costa Rican to Everest


Warner Rojas will take in his backpack, technological equipment that will be fundamental to all Costa Ricans to show his climb to Everest.

On one side are the four satellite devices provided by the company Navsat. These two locators will serve for location of Rojas.

Another to send text messages to a cellphone or an email, and a GPS to know exactly when he reaches the top.

To Navsat it is very important to support the national sport, as technology can provide a lot of communication today.

The other important part of the computer is a computer that Hewlett Packard will supply to send and store the videos that he will record.

It is ultra lightweight, yet has all the features that the climber in the area requires including a high definition camera.

This machine has a 1.5 kg weight, a 11-inch screen, then it is easy to carry and is very powerful because it has good performance processor and good memory.

It also has a built-in 3G modem which allows a chip that has data that can be connected to the Internet from anywhere, does not have to rely on a wireless network or anything like that.

“The computer is another part of the team. It is to download videos from the cameras that I will carry, compress video and to send them to the channel Teletica.” said Rojas.

HP is a U.S. company with a strong presence in our country with over 7 000 employees.

Warner Rojas also carries two video cameras in high definition and two cell phones.

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