High level group discusses plans to avoid overcrowding in prisons

Prisoner Paradise

A high level group began a study of the possible actions to be implemented in the short term to relieve national prisons.

Among the measures proposed is, for example, some prisoners can serve their sentences outside prison, as the sentences of less than two years.

The options analysis began, because at present there is an overpopulation of 3,174 prisoners, ie 32.3% more. The maximum allowed by the Sala IV is 20%, in order to guarantee the human rights of prisoners.

Eugenio Polanco, Deputy Minister of Justice, said that continuing the current trend to implement prison within 18 months of 7694 will be overcrowding inmates.

At the meeting, participating judges, representatives of the Ministries of Justice and Finance, Public Defender, and Ilanud the Office of the Ombudsman, among others, was conducted in the Supreme Court.

The group decided that, within one month, will have more concrete proposals to determine the feasibility of implementing them.

The judge, Anabelle León Feoli said it is necessary to confront these suggestions with legal and economic reality.

Diana Montero Montero, in representation of the Public Defender, said the situation in the prisons is very critical and should be declared “national emergency” in order to facilitate care of the problem.

Montero, among the suggestions presented, said that pregnant women, with children under 12 years old, the sick, the elderly and people close to serving time should have the option to purge the sentence at home.

He warned, however, that this measure could be taken, after technical evaluation of each case, and by monitoring if implemented arrest.

Elias Carranza, director of Ilanud, said that, at the seriousness of the situation, one must consider that, when entering a guilty, could give the output to another. In its discretion.

Eugenio Polanco said other complications of the system is that it is more than 50 staff specialized establishments in the prison population. This situation must be given solution very soon.