Hidden Cameras Show Barbilla Park Wildlife.

Barbilla National Park is located between the provinces of Limon and Cartago. For months it was rumored the presence of big cats but not until now that they are filmed.

This affirmation is proved by the images that were captured by twelve camera traps that were placed by students at the National University.

A cougar was also revealed by the camera. The videos were taken between February and May 3.

In November last year Telenoticias accompanied the students of the UNA to nearby National Park, an indigenous reservation and hotel reservation Pacuare Lodge, to record videos here but did not record any jaguars. The project continued and the results were good.

This project is made possible by donations of batteries, memory cards and camera traps, which recorded by motion or heat.

Experts say the results are positive for the contribution of everyone, including the hotel Pacuare Lodge. The hotel motivates the visitors to donate to the project.

The videos can also be seen ocelot, peccaries, and agoutis, this is good because there is food for jaguars.

The appearance of cats mean that things are going well in the National Park and vicinity.

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