Heavy Rains Pound Various Parts of the Country


Heavy rains and winds produced by a low pressure system located on Panama from last night affect the provinces of Cartago and Limón.

The drop in rainfall and soil saturation caused landslides in the canton of Turrialba, Paraiso, Jimenez and the center of Cartago.

The National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Response (CNE) reported damage to roads, houses and bridges, so yesterday declared a yellow alert for several counties of the eastern Caribbean and Central Valley.

The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) reported that there ware flooding of rivers and Sixaola Chirripo and floods in the rivers Banana, Bananito, Sixaola, Sarapiquí and Cariblanco, among others.

According to the Weather forecast for today and dense clouds are expected intermittent rain during the morning in the same areas.

Meanwhile, during the afternoon shift is forecast rainfall west of the Central Valley and Central and South Pacific.

The CNE recommended practice safety measures in high risk areas such as riverbanks and areas vulnerable to landslides.

The National Roads Authority (Conavi) attended landslides that blocked the road in Urasca (on the route between Tucurrique to Paradise) and Route 10, between Cervantes and Turrialba.

In Paraíso de Cartago, rains forced to mobilize about 40 people in Llanos de Santa Lucia and the community of Rio watering in the district of Santiago.

Also, the people of Ujarrás (Paradise) and Urasca (Cachi) had no drinking water, because water and mud avalanche dragged the pipe system, which must be serviced by municipal officials.

Moreover, in the La Angostura, a tree fell on a bus with 60 people traveling in Switzerland, Turrialba sense, yesterday at about 9 a. m.

The occupants were unharmed, but a pregnant woman was very nervous and had to be transferred to a medical center.

Similarly, a tree destroyed a bus stop in Turrialba Jabillos, and an embankment, obstructed the passage in the upper La Perica.

The Pacuare river flow and Reventazón grew considerably, so that affected surrounding areas.

Two families were trapped in the area of Carmen de Siquirres, and were rescued by boat.

In Matina, Barbilla and Chirripo Rivers were flooded in some areas, for example, at the entrance of Zent.

At the main entrance to Matina, on Route 32, there was no way yesterday. In the La Esperanza, water flooded several homes.

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