Heavy Rains and High Seas Cause More Damages Along Coastal Regions

The rains this week damaged 30 homes and six bridges in 15 counties, according to the National Emergency Response and Risk Prevention (CNE).

The rains and heavy seas forced 377 people to leave their homes and relocated into five shelters: 20 of them in Alvarado (Cartago), 37 in Rositer Carballo (La Uruca, San Jose), 20 in two shelters in Turrialba (Cartago) and 300 on Pavones of Golfito, due to the waves.

The houses that are damaged are located on Desamparados (eight), Golfito pylon (a), Turrialba (four), Rositer Carballo (eight), Alvarado (two) and Tibás (seven).

In the case of damaged bridges, three are in Turrialba, one between La Carpio and Pavas, and another in Pococí.

According to the National Meteorological Institute (IMN), rainfall is caused by warm temperatures in the mornings and the entry of moisture from the Pacific Ocean.

Rebeca Morera, IMN meteorologist, said on Wednesday there was a drop of 108 millimeters of rain in Turrialba, 69 in Pavas, and 30 at the Juan Santamaria International Airport.

It is expected that precipitation will stay until the weekend, during the afternoon, in the Pacific, Central Valley, and north. The Caribbean will only rains in the mountains.

The CNE maintains green alert by waves that affected Pilon and Yellow Cocal Pavón, Rio Claro de Golfito Guaycará and Puntarenitas. In these areas has been assisting the victims.

The material that affected eight houses on Rositer Carballo came from a retaining wall, located behind the Penitentiary Police School, which gave on housing.

Lidier Esquivel, head of the CNE Prevention, explained that there was an accumulation of water (not just rain), which caused the slope relent.

He added that are identifying care measures, such as adequate water and sewer management to lower the risk. The IMAS also visited the area to evaluate the needs of families.

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